Spring Sales Shopping Tips

Be prepared for the Spring SalesMany Australian retailers and service providers have Spring Sales in the September thru to November period.  It's that awesome season of the calendar in Australia where the snow is melting in the Alps and the wildlife is coming out to meet the Spring sun.  And consumers are stepping out, and may just be interested to spend some coin. Businesses try to attract customers with a fresh spring sale!

Moving stock in Spring may be associated with sales timed with the major codes sporting finals or with the Spring Racing carnival.  If your buying then it's important to put some thinking into any sales opportunities as they arise.  What is it that you actually need?  What is important to you? It's always a good idea to phone first and make an appointment with the owner of the business.  If you are doing grocery shopping then obviously this tip is redundant.  But if you are shopping for a new bed or mattress then finding time to talk to the owner may be your best way to maximise value and price.  Having the negotiation directly with the owner may allow you to haggle a bit and to get a direct response.

Enjoy limited time sales in SpringThe other tip for Spring Sales is that generally any shopping should be an uplifting experience.  And it is Spring time!  So make sure you couple a shopping trip with something else that you enjoy.  Head out for coffee and cake afterwards or before your shopping.  It will make the experience all the more worth while.  Oh yea and why not use a shopper docket to get two for one coffee and cake!